How secure are dialpad entries?

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How secure are dialpad entries?

Postby botric » 06/30/2021

Hello Fongo users
I've been using fongo android app for a year now and am very happy.
I have one question:
Does fongo record our dialpad entries, for example if we dial a number that requires a TIN number to be entered, etc, how secure it is?
(For example I use a city library service that requires me to enter an account number, then a 4-digit TIN number to access some services there. So I was wondering whether if someone snooped these two numbers they could access my account.)
May be I am being paranoid, but just thought I'd ask here.
Thank you very much!
Hope to use it for a long time! :D
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Re: How secure are dialpad entries?

Postby bridonca » 06/30/2021

Unless there is a court order requiring them to do so, Fongo is not recording your dial pad entries.

Fongo provides a minimal amount of security. If someone wanted to access your phone calls, it would not be difficult. This is by design.

VOIP over POTS will never be secure, because the POTS end is not secure, so nothing that Fongo does on their end will be of any use. Fongo does make it hard to hack onto your account though. But the phone calls themselves will not be secure and open to eavesdropping.
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