unable to receive normal sms and whatsapp activation sms

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unable to receive normal sms and whatsapp activation sms

Post by zank1 »

i have a fongo number on which i am unable to activate whatsapp. i have both the canadian and global sms packages, when i put in my number into whatsapp and tell it to end sms, i get the error: "we could not send an sms to your number. please check the number and try again". (please see attached)

Has whatsapp somehow started detection of voip numbers? has anyone else had this issue?

a second i am having is i am not able to send any sms'es from this number nor am i able to receive any sms'es on it. I have tried to 3 different global numbers with no luck.
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Re: unable to receive normal sms and whatsapp activation sms

Post by mh1983 »

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Re: unable to receive normal sms and whatsapp activation sms

Post by kermit »

I have a phone number from fongo. Tried to register the number with Whatsapp and kept getting an error saying it is not a valid mobile number. I also subscribed to pay service SMS/text with Fongo. It still doesn't work.
I tried contacting Fongo support. They are not able to help resolve this issue since it was a generic response message. Tried contacting Whatsapp, same thing, not able to resolve.

Can anyone here able to register the Fongo number with Whatsapp successfully ? If so, can you please share how you did it ? Thanks.
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Re: unable to receive normal sms and whatsapp activation sms

Post by Liptonbrisk »

As far as I know, Whatsapp uses a database to identify VoIP numbers and prevents many of them for verification.

I do have a Fongo Mobile number that works with Whatsapp, but many Fongo Mobile numbers won't work. The one you have won't work. It's similar to winning the lottery if you get a Fongo Mobile number that does work with Whatsapp.

https://www.reddit.com/r/VOIP/comments/ ... t/kk4k6i2/

If you receive an error message when first entering the Fongo mobile phone number into Whatsapp, paying for an SMS package will not help.

If you receive a message from Fongo Mobile stating that a verification code message has been sent, then paying for a texting package should work.

Otherwise, in general, even if you do pay, there's no guarantee you will receive a SMS short code:

https://support.fongo.com/hc/articles/2 ... hort-codes
"We cannot guarantee that you are able to receive to all short-code SMS with Fongo Mobile or Fongo World Edition, as this is a current technical limitation and often beyond our control (we are aware of services that actively block VOIP/landline phone numbers from receiving these messages)."
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