Trouble in Fongo/Fongo world app login/install new phone

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Trouble in Fongo/Fongo world app login/install new phone

Postby Alex Fong » 08/16/2016

I have my Fongo number working on my older phone (software I am now located outside Canada and have a new phone(android based). I tried to download Fongo (free one) from Google Play but they say I cannot do it outside Canada. So I went to purchased Fongo World Edition and installed it (cost me CAD$5 but I am ok with that if it works). Then I try to login with my current name and password (which is working on old phone and website) but it keeps saying my password is wrong. I press the resent password and but I never get the reset email. Then I try create a login inside the World Edition but there is no Canada to choose from. So WHAT IS GOING ON? I just switch to a new phone and I cannot re install my software? Even I paid I cannot use it outside? How do I get the app working again on my new phone?
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Re: Trouble in Fongo/Fongo world app login/install new phone

Postby Jake » 08/16/2016

I'm pretty sure in saying that the World Edition uses a separate user database to the normal version, so in effect your login details do not exist with that version. They have dome this with all their other brands, so I suspect they have done the same here.

You have a couple of options of what to do now, but it depends on what you want at the end of the day. I will assume you want a working phone, preferably with your old phone number.

1. To get your old phone number on this phone when outside of Canada is (should) be possible via 2 methods. Neither are easy I am afraid. a) use a VPN/Proxy (you should be able to set this up on your phone) that is located within Canada. You will then be able to download the native version and log into your account. b) get someone within Canada to create an APK (via a Backup Restore app) of the Mobile app and then send it to you. You can them install the APK on your phone.

2. Create a new account on the World version. I have not used the World version, but I suspect you are not seeing Canada in the list because if you were in Canada you would be forced to install the free version. Pick the country you are in and you should be able to create an account. Fongo only has Canadian numbers, so you will only ever be given a Canadian number. What I am saying here is if you select UK, you will still be given a Canadian number, not a UK number.

As a side note, if you still want your old number and you are able to install the World version, you can use this form to get it moved over ( ... ngo-Mobile) although it will cost you another 5$ unfortunately.

Both versions will work anywhere in the world, so your World version will still work when (if) you come back here, and the free version will work where ever you are now.

I made quite a few assumptions in my post, so if I misunderstood anything I will apologise in advance. Hopefully something in there will help you out a bit.
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Re: Trouble in Fongo/Fongo world app login/install new phone

Postby stookie » 08/22/2020

outside of canada and getting loading configuration message.
cannot use it. why?
what is wrong?
i resintalled and i cannot install it back now. only fongo world for 5 eur
what is wrong?
how should i put it back now? fly to canada first? this is joke...
this all app seems to be just scam
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