Missed calls

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Missed calls

Postby flyboy320 » 01/20/2017

I am having a problem with Fongo missing calls. I can place calls fine and it will also ring on incoming calls as long as the phone hasn't been off for to long. I find if the phone hasn't been used for more than around 1/2-1 hour, then if I try to call my Fongo number, the phone doesn't wake up and I miss the call. This happens on both wifi and just on cell data. I have tried every setting in the app, but nothing has solved this problem. I also have Whatsapp on the phone and this will always wake the phone and doesn't have the missed call problem. I can verify this by calling my Fongo number (I will call it twice), and when the phone doesn't ring I'll call my Whatsapp number and the phone emediately rings.
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