Cannot receive calls on Fongo app while visiting Canada

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Cannot receive calls on Fongo app while visiting Canada

Postby mwg » 08/09/2017

To be more precise, when I'm visiting Canada, the Fongo World app shunts callers directly to voice mail unless I'm on WiFi. In the US, where I live, I have no problem receiving calls on cellular data. My roaming plan on my cell phone includes Canada, so cellular data usage is not a problem. Calling out works while in Canada. I can retrieve the voice mails using cellular data. My phone goes from LTE to 3G while in Canada, but I used to have a 3G only phone that worked fine in the US for Fongo World, so I don't know if that matters.

Currently I maintain a SpeakOut phone for receiving calls while in Canada, I'd like to be able to just use the Fongo service in both countries so my Canadian friends don't need the second number while I'm visiting.

Anyone have any ideas?

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