Some Sms deleted after uninstall and reinstall of app

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Some Sms deleted after uninstall and reinstall of app

Postby abm2121 » 02/08/2021

How does fongo store messages? Is there a backup option? I'm a little confused. I deleted the app and when I reinstalled it, my most recent conversations were gone. Those that were approx a week old, were still there. Does fongo store only older messages?

I deleted and installed again a couple of days later and I have the same messages that remained the previous time. All other messages from those two days were deleted. What determines which messages are stored and which are deleted?

I need to delete and reinstall and if fongo is going to delete all my most recent messages every time, I'm afraid I will have to switch to a different service.

I can't find anything in the app settings that would allow me to turn on back up.
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