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Unable to call from freephoneline to a fongo number

PostPosted: 02/26/2021
by hieppo
Does anyone else have experienced this?
I am calling a friend who has a Fongo number using the Fongo iOS app. I have a Freephoneline account number and using a PAP2 ATA. The ATA has no issue calling our and receiving calls from all parties. However I've discovered this little bug where I am unable to call Fongo number from Freephoneline. I just rings and rings and then go to the busy tone and not even to voicemail. Inversely calling from Fongo to Freephoneline has no issue.

I wasn't able to replicate the issue by downloading the Android Fongo app myself and tested calling and receiving calls. I did not have the same issue as the iOS app.

Is there some sort of block on the backend? Or perhpas iOS is not playing nice with Fongo? This is kind of odd since they are both IP phone and are even or should be on the system being owned by the same company.

Any comments?

Re: Unable to call from freephoneline to a fongo number

PostPosted: 03/03/2021
by Liptonbrisk
I can only reproduce this when the iPhone is initially transitioning between Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. I suspect this issue could also occur in fringe cellular/Wi-Fi signal areas.
And in this case, the situation has nothing to do with Freephoneline; it doesn't matter what service I'm using to place the call.

By the way, Fongo Mobile also doesn't support handing off between Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. The active call will drop.

Otherwise, I have no issue calling Fongo Mobile on iOS using any of my FPL accounts. Under settings, the Fongo Mobile user should

1) enable "Alternate Fongo Connection" to help avoid issues related to SIP ALG (this is similar to using with Freephoneline)
2) enable "Allow IPv6 Connection", and
3) disable Call Forwarding, at least, while testing

Then test using cellular data (Wi-Fi disabled in iPhone settings). Wait 30 seconds to a minute first after disabling Wi-Fi before testing with an incoming call to Fongo Mobile. Otherwise, you may reproduce the issue. Then test again using Wi-Fi. Again wait a little while after enabling Wi-Fi access.

Is there some sort of block on the backend?