How to pay the invoice with Paypal

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How to pay the invoice with Paypal

Postby jomcyzhao » 06/04/2022

Used to have Paypal doing the automatic payments every month for the recurring bills, but canceled it a few months ago due to an accidental overpay.
Now the overpaid credit is used up, and I need to set up the payment again. But I couldn't find where to pay the invoice?
Apparently you cannot re-activate the automatic payments you've canceled on Paypal, and there's no paying invoice option from my end on Paypal. From the Fongo side, on the invoice Fongo sent me, I am able to select my payment method, but there is no button for me to actually pay it. Like this -
Screenshot 2022-06-04 200339.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-04 200339.jpg (73.01 KiB) Viewed 998 times

I have contacted Fongo through Email several times but they stopped replying me since last Tuesday. I really need to use my phone, does anyone know how to pay the invoice?
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