Vibrate on Fongo app is bad/unusable

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Vibrate on Fongo app is bad/unusable

Postby Flash » 01/10/2023

Hi all.

I'm writing in regards to the vibrate on ringing. The vibration pattern is not the regular patter when the phone rings, be it the regular phone, Signal, Whatsapp, Messenger etc, where you have a continous vibration for a few seconds, then a few seconds pause, then again continous vibration for a few seconds, etc that makes the vibrate noticeable. Fongo currently has some sort of "specific pattern" that only barely vibrates with very short bursts (micro bursts) and very weak with random wait times before these micro bursts. Basically it's almost impossible to hear the vibration during a ring while I have no problem picking the vibration when I get a regular call or signal/whatsapp/messenger call.

I have the Pixel 6 phone updated to the latest version and Fongo app v2023.1.1.2

This is a Fongo app problem since on my Lenovo Yoga 11 tablet, I have the same problem, except when I get a call on that, it just does the "receiving a message" vibration pattern then it's silent while Fongo keeps waiting to be answered.

Is there any way possible to just get the regular, long vibration that all the other apps have when getting a call including the innate android dialer? Or will fongo get around to change it in a future update?
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