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Fongo app on Android

PostPosted: 01/23/2023
Hi I'm a newbie here,so excuse the possibly dumb Q...I'm a confused senior.

I dl'ed the Fongo App on my Android phone and got a new number and it seems to work for calls as some show up as free,but it's still costing me $$ on my Android prepaid plan do I pay alternately?

I phoned Montreal yesterday and it cost me $15 to talk for 10 mins....I'm trying to find and a cheaper way to talk long distance.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Fongo app on Android

PostPosted: 01/24/2023
by Liptonbrisk

Unless your Android smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, Fongo Mobile uses cellular data.
Fongo Mobile is a VoIP service and requires internet access to make calls.

It seems likely that you're being charged for cellular data usage through your cellular service provider.
To use Fongo Mobile for free, you need free Wi-Fi internet access/service.

You can reduce the amount of data that's being used during the call, but the trade-off is inferior sound quality: ... obile-use-.

Given that we're on Fongo's forums, I am unwilling to discuss competing services, but you are free to pursue them.

Fongo's solution would be to use Fongo Wireless: ... -it-works/.
I've never used it, so I can't advise with respect to how well the service works (I respect seniors, and I don't wish to act as a shill by praising a service I've never used), but if you visit the link, you can read about it to see whether that service interests you.

Possibly other forum members have insights.

The Fongo Wireless forum is located at viewforum.php?f=76 if you wish to read other threads.

Good luck!

Re: Fongo app on Android

PostPosted: 01/24/2023
Thank you for the Android has WIFI from my home Lan computer but what you're saying is that the Fongo App needs it's own data service?

Re: Fongo app on Android

PostPosted: 01/24/2023
by Liptonbrisk
Fongo Mobile requires internet access, which can either be provided by Wi-Fi or cellular data (when not connected to Wi-Fi).

Fongo Mobile does not use cellular airtime/voice. Instead, Fongo Mobile uses data (requires an internet service).

Internet access/service isn't free, unless you find a free Wi-Fi hotspot to use (or are at home and connected to Wi-Fi, but chances are you're paying for internet service at home anyway).

Fongo Mobile is a VoIP service. Specifically, it uses SIP Protocol.

Calls within Canadian provinces are free using Fongo Mobile, but internet service, which is a requirement to use Fongo Mobile, usually isn't.