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Call forward

PostPosted: 03/26/2023
by khanoo
Hello guys,
Will it be possible if I forward my Local Canadian number to fongo number got from free app while I am traveling overseas?

Re: Call forward

PostPosted: 03/26/2023
by Jake
There shouldn't be an issue with that if I am understanding you properly.

I think you are asking if you can forward, for example, a Bell phone number to Fongo so you can get your calls while travelling. If this is the case, there shouldn't be an issue.
Test it out now, it will work the same when you are overseas as long as the Fongo App connects.

Depending on how long you are going to be travelling for, keep in mind this >> ... r-deleted-
Which essentially says you have to make an outgoing call every 90 days to keep the number active.

Don't forget when you are overseas, Fongo will act as though you are still in Canada. So calls you can make now which are free (which is pretty much any within Canada) will still be free when you are anywhere in the world.

Re: Call forward

PostPosted: 07/03/2023
by goliver
I have been able to do this successfully.

I use a PIXEL7 with Public Mobile.

On this phone I dial *21*<fongo number># to call forward to Fongo.

this works well if I have WIFI or mobile data abroad.

on my return I dial ##21# to reverse the call forward.