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FAQ correction

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Pretty much everything on this FAQ is wrong.

https://support.fongo.com/hc/en-us/arti ... -residence


About Demarcation Points

It is possible to plug your Fongo Home Phone Adapter into one phone jack and have it supply the rest of the phone jacks in your home with your Fongo Home Phone service. You must first find the 'demarcation point', which is the point at which your former phone company's wires enter your home. This is often located in your basement or garage, or on the side of your house. When you find the demarc, you need to disconnect your former phone company's line. The phone line could damage your Fongo Home Phone Adapter, even if you don't hear a dial tone on it.

Phone jacks are wired in parallel, so you can plug your Fongo Home Phone Adapter into any jack, or wire it in to the demarc, in order to supply all your phone jacks with your Fongo Home Phone service.

If you use ADSL, the wiring becomes slightly more complicated, but only slightly. You cannot use the same pair of wires for Fongo Home Phone as you do for ADSL, even if you use a filter. Most homes have at least two pairs of wires running to each phone jack. Simply use one pair for ADSL and one pair for Fongo Home Phone. Alternately, run a new "unshielded twisted pair" cable (such as CAT5e) from your demarc to your ADSL modem.

A simple alternative may be to purchase a good quality cordless phone set and plug your Fongo Home Phone Adapter into the phone's base station.

Maximimum Phone Units

The capacity of the HT701 ATA is 5 REN. REN stands for "ringer equivalence number" and is a measure of a telephone ringer's electrical load. The REN value is generally printed on the back or bottom of each phone. If your phone does not require AC power, the REN will probably be relatively high, perhaps around 1.0. You can use up to five phones with a REN of 1.0, with a HT701 ATA.

Cordless phones, and corded phones which plug in to AC power, typically have a much lower REN, perhaps around 0.1.

The sum of the REN values for the phones used with your Fongo Home Phone service must be less than 5.
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