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Pls add Home FAQ (how to get new VOIP box if yours flaky)

PostPosted: 01/24/2021
by westvandude
The grandstream 810 my father has, has been nothing but marginal service from day one. I thought originally it was my shaw internet connection.

Then we moved. Turns out I also ported my home number with a fongo grandstream 810. These are both in the same location but two different buildings (relatively close to each other). I had fiber going halfway to his place. Still his voip didn't work great - weird thing is zero issues with his youtube on the tv or anything else.... which is way more bandwidth hungry.

So I'm like.... OKAY.... lets spend some money replace copper for last 80m with fiber. That was expensive. So now he's got 70mbps down/11mbps up 15ms ping (the down is limited by his old 10/100 NIC in the computer) I'm guessing as we have 150+ over here.

Fongo has no phone number to call or any information in their FAQ if you've tried every remedy to get the 810 working without dropping calls all the time. Since my 810 works perfectly fine his should also work just fine. Same internet, same router, same settings. I've double and triple checked everything.

I need to replace his 810 voip box asap. Where do I buy one???

Re: Pls add Home FAQ (how to get new VOIP box if yours flaky

PostPosted: 01/25/2021
by Liptonbrisk
Fongo support staff is not obliged to respond on these forums.

To reach them, submit a ticket: