Welcome to Fongo home phone

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Welcome to Fongo home phone

Post by FONGO_mike »

Get Fongo Home Phone– make unlimited calls to mobile and landline phones
With Fongo Home Phone, you can make free calls to most of Canada with your standard home phone for $4.95* a month. All you need is a high speed internet connection. No technician is required for set up. Just plug in the Fongo Home Phone Adapter and talk freely.

What you get:
Free Phone Number
Free Fongo-to-Fongo calls
Free calls to most of Canada
Voicemail, voicemail to email
Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding

What you need:
Fongo Home Phone Adapter ($59 one-time cost)
Home phone
High speed internet connection

How to order:
• Visit http://www.fongo.com/homephone
• Call 611 from your Dell Voice mobile app
• Call 1-855-836-3355 toll-free

Fongo’s phone service runs on a network trusted by hundreds of thousands of Canadians for reliable, crystal clear calling.

Please note that Dell Voice and Fongo Home Phone are two separate products. You will have two separate phone numbers and two separate accounts. Consider using our free call forwarding feature and never miss a call!
*Monthly essential services fee includes network access and 911 emergency services
L3 Escalation Support Specialist
Please contact me for your FPL DSL issues. For phone issues, please open a support ticket by going here.
Never give out personal information or access to your computer to somebody you don't know, Fongo staff will never ask for your username or password.
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Re: Welcome to Fongo home phone

Post by tetecarre »

Will FreePhoneLine still be available in the future? If I move to another city will I still be able to buy an unlock key and use my own VOIP router without paying monthly?
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Re: Welcome to Fongo home phone

Post by bridonca »

As far as I know Freephoneline, is not going anywhere. But as with anything, things can change. They is always the option to port out if things go south. I really would not worry about it. Get it if you need it, and if it is not perminany, deal with it then. $60 is usually a monthly phone bill with other carriers, so the downside is pretty minimal.
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