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Message: “Device Not Registered”

PostPosted: 03/29/2020
by dencentral
Since starting Home Phone service until recently I had no issues/problems, Nothing has changed in my equipment or settings, yet suddenly:
- Receiving "Device Not Registered" recorded voice message when phone goes online
- Busy signal on all outgoing calls
- Incoming calls go to VM without ringing
- I routinely power off the Fongo box nightly and power it up every morning to prevent overnight nuisance calls. This has not presented service problems in the past.
- My account is paid and as far as I know in good standing.

Re: Message: “Device Not Registered”

PostPosted: 03/30/2020
by Liptonbrisk
Proper device reboot order is always modem-->router (wait for it to be fully up and running first)-->ATA in that order.
Try power cycling your ATA, and then look at your Phone LED on the ATA. If the LED is not solid blue, your ATA isn't registered.

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