Problem with incoming calls

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Problem with incoming calls

Postby Challa » 10/06/2020


We recently switched to Fongo home phone with Fongo adapter and we realized that lot of incoming calls don't go through. When we call from work, most of the time we get silent tone for a few seconds and then busy signal. Our friends say the same. All these incoming calls are displayed in call logs with duration 0. After we make outgoing call - it works normally and we receive incoming calls fine.

Yesterday, i was working from home using VPN and I think i found when does this happen.
The Internet connection dropped for a while, few seconds to 1 minute (my VPN was disconnected at that time, that's how i noticed). After that i was unable to receive incoming calls until i make outgoing call. This happened 4 times and it was always the same. Looks like some property in the configuration of the adapter remained uninitialized after the Internet connection was established.

We have cable Internet with TekSavvy, using their modem.

I also talked to Fongo customer support yesterday and they told me how to find IP address of the adapter and I went through the configuration settings with them - apparently everything was set up correctly. They advised me to reboot the adapter and that will fix the issue, but it didn't. After each Internet connection drop - no incoming calls even after the connection was back.

Anyone have an idea what's going on? Do we need to change something in the configuration?
Any help is much appreciated.

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