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Fongo to FreePhoneLine

PostPosted: 11/25/2020
by matt12
I am using Fongo Home phone with an ATA in Ontario.
Do work as well as Fongo Home phone (voicemails, etc) since Fibernetics owns Fongo and Freephoneline?
How to replace Fongo Home phone with and keep my current home phone number (in order to save money)?
Do I purchase a VoIP Unlock Key from Freephoneline?
Is the setup easy?

Re: Fongo to FreePhoneLine

PostPosted: 11/26/2020
by bridonca
I have never used Fongo Home phone, so there is no way for me to compare.

I have Freephoneline email my voice mail. The message indicator light was a bit wonky, so I side stepped that, by getting my messages emailed to me.

You need to pay $100 for the SIP settings. You might be able to get away with porting for free, if not, another $25. I would submit a ticket first.

Get a free account, with a free number first.

I would not consider this an easy set up for most people. It is not difficult if you can read documentation. I would do research first before I buy SIP settings.

Fibernetics will offer no support. You need a level of skill to be able to figure this out.

Honestly, I think you are better off paying $5 a month.

Re: Fongo to FreePhoneLine

PostPosted: 11/27/2020
by matt12
Thanks for your feedback