Porting Question / Adaptor Setup

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Porting Question / Adaptor Setup

Postby LunchBoxSteve » 04/24/2021

Hi Everyone:

I have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find an answer to and I was hoping the community could help me.

I currently have 3 separate Free Phone Line accounts for myself and family members and we are in the process of moving them over to Fongo.
The new Fongo SIP adaptors are in the mail on their way to us and we have been assigned temporary numbers for each of the accounts in the interim.

We continue to use the old adaptors no problem in the meantime but I have some questions about the change over.

1) How does the registered phone number which is currently a temporary one in the new Adapter get changed to the ported number in terms of settings. Is this something I have to update or does the setting get pushed to the SIP adaptor automatically during porting using something like automatic provisioning.

2) Should I have both the old adaptor and new adaptor plugged into the internet so that any changes pushed can happen automatically and then just move the telephone line from one SIP adaptor to the other when the port finally happens?

3) Do we have access to the settings of the SIP adaptor with Fongo so I can do things like assign static IP address to the device on my network

4) How do we change the Caller ID Display name for the line. We want it to display our surname instead of my name which the account is under.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. :)
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