stop please!

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stop please!

Postby proutos » 05/13/2021

Since day 1 i told your service by phone, email than i dont want to have my phone with you because i have 9 phone in my house and the max is 5. You are harrasing me with email than you cant charge my credit card (got the very good idea to cancel my credit card when i saw how stupid your company was. I got a email telling me it was the end with you, see this email:
Mar 2021-03-23 14:28
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request has been updated. Please reply to this email for additional comments.

Fongo Support (Fongo Support)

Mar 23, 2021, 2:28 PM EDT

Thank you for your recent po
$9.95-$14.95 Shipping & Handling - Refundable ONLY if Fongo ATA NOT shippedtential interest into Fongo. We're sorry to hear that you have decided not to proceed with your service. There were costs incurred in processing your Fongo Home Phone order. Please review the invoice and the refundable/ non-refundable items below.

*** Refundable/ Non-Refundable ***
$4.95 Essential Services Fee Deposit - Non-Refundable
$29.00 Fongo Home Phone Adapter- Refundable ONLY if NOT shipped or returned unopened
$4.95 Essential Services Fee (First Month - Refundable if NOT used
$9.95-$20.00 - Porting at Registration - Non-Refundable

Your account is now suspended. Please review and confirm the cancellation of the order. If the Fongo adapter was shipped, please refuse the delivery or you may be required to pay to have it returned to Fongo. Once we receive the Fongo adapter, we will then proceed with the refund, where applicable.

BUT, you still send me email trying to get my phone number from my actual company (when i saw what kind of company you are, i told my phone provider to NOT transfer my phone even if asked) and you still trying today. You send me tons of email trying to get money from my credit card, receive another email today where i can read FINAL. I hope it is FINAL because it start to make me angry. Here is the email:

Fongo <>
Jeu 2021-05-13 01:55
Notice of Payment Failure (Third)
ATTENTION: If you have been affected by COVID-19 and are having difficulty paying your bill, please contact for an alternative payment arrangement.

Dear remi,

We regretfully inform you that this is your Final Notice.

Please log into your Fongo account and update your credit card info.

Log into with your Fongo credentials.
Hover over "Accounts" and pull down "Payment Info".
Enter your Credit Card info and click "Update Information".
If you have any concerns, please contact our Billing Department at 1-855-553-6646 ext 303.

I hope it is the end with your company and anyway, if not the end, i will talk to the CRTC about harassing!

P.S. OH, and by the way, you refunded me $0!
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Re: stop please!

Postby Liptonbrisk » 05/15/2021

Posting here isn't going to accomplish anything. Support staff is not obliged to respond on the forums.

Here is the complaint process: ... -Complaint.

Thread closed.
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