Fongo Home Phone in an Apartment/condo complex—feasible?

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Fongo Home Phone in an Apartment/condo complex—feasible?

Postby Hmm888_8 » 12/14/2021

We live in a high rise apartment/condo complex and are considering Fongo Home phone.

We have two hardwired telephone jacks in the apartment (no cordless phones for obvious reasons) and two chorded landlines connected to each plus a fax machine using a coupler adapter.

I emailed Fongo support and they haven't been helpful. I am [now] concerned how they might be should there be issues in general with the service. But for the moment, I'm focusing on whether or not it's even worth considering Fongo Home phone.

I looked at the standard adapter that Fongo is selling for $30 now. I only see two ports. The brief FAQ says to connect the adapter next to the router and the phone line connected to the adapter. Both the phone and router/modem are a good distance apart. The FAQ makes no mention how to "adapt" the two apartment jacks so they are connected to Fongo. It makes reference to only a basement which obviously doesn't apply.

There is also the issue of the front door/buzzer intercom which is linked to the hardwired telephone jacks. Again, there are no instructions or information on this.

Maybe Fongo Home phone isn't for us?
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Re: Fongo Home Phone in an Apartment/condo complex—feasible?

Postby bridonca » 01/01/2022

It does seems the Fongo Home phone will suit your needs. You might be better off getting a local geek to set it up for you though. It is not hard to set up, but I feel with the questions you are putting out, there needs to be a little more familiarity with this technology than you currently have. Certainly not meant as a dig on you.

Fongo support is indeed spartan, I would not rely on too much hand holding. If is is a problem on their end, they are pretty good. There will be limited support on problems on your end though.
Befoe you spend any money, play with the Fongo app for your smart phone. It is free, and will give you an idea if VOIP is suitable for you.
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