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Re: incoming calls dropping

PostPosted: 06/06/2022
by Liptonbrisk
peterkelos wrote:The ATA is some distance from my base station so I back feed the signal from the ATA using my existing telephone plug in the wall (which was previously the feed from my landline)

This entire time I thought you had the base station plugged directly into the back of the ATA.

Jake wrote:
Did you disconnect the old service from your internal phone sockets? Typically this would be at the DMARC box from bell (mine is a black box on the wall in my basement where their lines come in, but I am sure they have other types). If it's still connected to the Bell network, this could be why you are getting issues. Basically you need to make sure that your internal wiring isn't connected to anything outside of your house.


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This is the important part: when you find the demarc, you need to disconnect your former phone company's line. The electricity from the phone line could damage your Fongo Home Phone Adapter, even if you don't hear a dial tone on it.

If you don't disconnect the Telco's line at the demarc, you run the risk of frying your ATA.

Also, visit ... #p28531322.
"How do I connect an ATA to my house, so that all existing phone jacks work?"