Fongo Outgoing Caller ID

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Fongo Outgoing Caller ID

Post by rbn »

I’d like to try the service out for long distance while keeping an existing Bell PSTN line for local calls for the time being. Obviously I can’t port the old number out while I’m running both simultaneously, so is there a way to configure outgoing calls from Fongo to send CID information for the original line? I don’t want to confuse anyone by sending out a temporary number when calling from the voip line, but for the time being I can’t move the landline so it’s kind of a messy situation. I know there’s lots of voip services that let you set CID to whatever you’d like, but they all charge on a per-minute basis so I’d prefer a service like this with a fixed monthly fee. Happy to provide copies of bills and/or take test calls to confirm I control the line but I can’t find anything around this on the site.
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Re: Fongo Outgoing Caller ID

Post by Liptonbrisk »

Fongo Hone Phone does not support number spoofing, so I’m pretty sure the answer to your question is no.

However, if you want an official response (I could be mistaken), submit a ticket:

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Re: Fongo Outgoing Caller ID

Post by Jake »

I've never known a way to send out another number other than your official number either.

They do pass on the Caller Name that you set, so if you put your number as that it might work, but it might look janky to some or even not display at all.

You can always port your number back out if you find Fongo doesn't offer the service you want. I'm sure Bell will welcome you back with open arms; the only downside will be porting fees on both trips.

Another option might be to set up the Fongo line, then over the next however long mention to people that you calls might also come in from your Fongo Number, before you start using the new number.

Without knowing your full situation, I think I would either:
1. Set up Home Phone and test it for long distance - porting in your number when you feel you are happy.
2. Port your number into Home Phone and see how it goes, porting back to Bell if things don't go well.
3. Set up a free number on the Fongo Mobile App and test the long distance calls on that. Then set up Home Phone porting in your number if it goes well.

#3 is obviously your cheapest option, failing that Spoofing your number is highly unlikely unfortunately.
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