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Really need help - FHP adapter came shipped without config

Posted: 11/08/2023
by LorraineLeger
Team: I hope someone can action a support case that I have opened. It appears that the ATA that I recieved does not actually have a credetial config in it. No servers, no userid, The phone number associated with it is **** (number deleted by LiptonBrisk) so if you are a fongo home phone tech support you should be able to find the tickets and info. Can you please email to the account email on file the config so I can try to fix this. An offer for a tech remote session was made, but the tech did not contact me at the offered time. I understand your tech queue may be busy, but so far I have not been able to get the service working.

Thank you.

Re: Really need help - FHP adapter came shipped without conf

Posted: 11/10/2023
by Liptonbrisk
I've edited out your phone number for privacy reasons (also, posting your phone number online is a great way to have your phone number added to spam lists)

These are user-to-user support forums. Fongo Support staff is not obliged to respond here, and there's no guarantee forum posts are read by staff.

Also, none of the volunteer moderators here work for Fongo. We don't have access to your account.

The ATA is supposed to be provisioned or configured by Fongo's provisioning server automatically. Installation instructions are located at ... First-Time. If that doesn't work (beyond a potential firewall issue), I'm doubtful moderators and users here can do anything to assist.

If "Support System" indicates "Degraded Performance", ticket response time can take up to a week (or longer).

Fongo Support tickets can be submitted at

You can check your ticket status by logging in at That's an account for tickets
(zendesk) only and is completely separate from your Fongo Home Phone account or
any other Fongo account you may have. Use the same email address that you
use to submit tickets. Do not use the same password as your Fongo Home Phone
account. Again, these two accounts are unrelated.

Support staff does not respond to tickets on weekends or Canadian holidays.
Support hours are 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. EST. They are not obliged to respond
on the these user-to-user forums.

Fongo does have I'm not sure if anyone
there responds to direct messages.
Similarly, they appear to be on Facebook: I don't know whether they'll respond to you there.

Visit ... -Complaint
for information on ticket escalation. CCTS complaints can be submitted at ... aint-form/.