New Fonge Home Phone Not Working

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New Fonge Home Phone Not Working

Post by eep-help »

I switched from VoipMuch to Fongo Home Phone with the Grandstream HT-801. The blue lights are on for "power" and "internet", but the "phone" blue light is off. I get a dial tone when I pick-up the phone ; but all incoming calls go directly to voicemail, and all outbound calls go to fast busy. I tried unplugging, and also the factor reset button on the Grandstream, but no improvement.

Teksavvy confirmed they are not blocking the Voip Fongo service.

I opened a support ticket with Fongo 2 days ago, without response.

Any suggestions on how to fix?
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Re: New Fonge Home Phone Not Working

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These are user-to-user support forums. Fongo Support staff is not obliged to respond here, and there's no guarantee forum posts are read by staff.

Also, none of the volunteer moderators here work for Fongo. We don't have access to your account.

The ATA is supposed to be provisioned or configured by Fongo's provisioning server automatically. Installation instructions are located at ... First-Time. If that doesn't work (beyond a potential firewall or SIP ALG issue), I'm doubtful moderators and users here can do anything to assist. You can refer to points 1 and 2 from viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20199, but there's a possibility that your ATA isn't provisioned (or hasn't been added to the configuration server) yet. In that case, I suspect troubleshooting is pointless.

If "Support System" indicates "Degraded Performance", ticket response time can take up to a week (or longer).

Fongo Support tickets can be submitted at

You can check your ticket status by logging in at That's an account for tickets
(zendesk) only and is completely separate from your Fongo Home Phone account or
any other Fongo account you may have. Use the same email address that you
use to submit tickets. Do not use the same password as your Fongo Home Phone
account. Again, these two accounts are unrelated.

Support staff does not respond to tickets on weekends or Canadian holidays.
Support hours are 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. EST. They are not obliged to respond
on the these user-to-user forums.

Fongo does have I'm not sure if anyone
there responds to direct messages.
Similarly, they appear to be on Facebook: I don't know whether they'll respond to you there.

Visit ... -Complaint
for information on ticket escalation. CCTS complaints can be submitted at ... aint-form/.
Please do not send me emails; I do not work for nor represent Freephoneline or Fongo. Post questions on the forums so that others may learn from responses or assist you. Thank you. If you have an issue with your account or have a billing issue, submit a ticket here: Visit to check FPL/Fongo service status. Freephoneline setup guides can be found at
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