Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

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Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby FONGO_Announcements » 04/19/2012

We've also made some minor improvements throughout the app to better our users' experiences...

Improvements for iOS devices
  • Prevent incoming calls to Dell Voice while on a native call- If a Dell Voice call comes in while on an iPhone call, your Dell Voice call will automatically
  • Insert a Pause with a comma - for users who have contact numbers with extensions, the extension will be automatically dialed after the pause
  • Number of Missed Calls Icon - If there are missed calls, or voicemails waiting, the History and Voicemail tabs will show an icon indicating the number of missed calls or voicemails

Improvements for Android devices
  • Push Notifications - We’ve also added Push Notifications for Android, so customers can now exit the app and still receive calls to their Dell Voice account.
  • Missed Call/Voicemail Notifications - The number of missed calls and voicemails will now appear in the the Android Status bar and will direct you to the proper Dell Voice Screen on-click
  • Bluetooth Support - We've added bluetooth support for devices running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. Make sure to enable Bluetooth in the "Preferences" screen under "Settings." Also note that Android does not tell apps on startup if bluetooth is connected, so you will need to enable bluetooth on the device and pair the bluetooth device with Android in the device Settings.
  • In-Call switching from 3G to WiFi - if you're in a call on a 3G connection, Dell Voice will now prevent switching to WiFi until after the call is ended.

We're always striving to make our service even better than it is today, and your comments are always taken into account!

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We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do!
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Re: Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby Jake » 04/19/2012

Liking the push notifications on Android! Thanks for that.

For all of those that have downloaded my APK files I uploaded, I have put v1.3 up there if you want to update.
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Re: Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby djc » 04/20/2012

FONGO_Announcements wrote:
Improvements for Android devices
[*]Push Notifications - We’ve also added Push Notifications for Android, so customers can now exit the app and still receive calls to their Dell Voice account.

How does the push notification work? I have a google nexus s with ICS 4.0.4 and when I exit the app from the settings exit option, I don't receive any calls on dell voice. Not even voicemail notifications shows. Is there a setting to turn this on? As far as I see, to receive calls and see voice mail/miss call notifications, I always have to have dell voice app running.

update: Maybe dell voice isn't compatible with ICS yet. It works on an lg optimus chic with android 2.2. One thing I did find out is that if a push notification comes in for a call and if there person on the other line hangs up before dell voice is answered, dell voice will continue to ring indefinitely. When answered, since there's really no one there, it hangs up immediately. One time, it hung up but the app stayed on the call and can't end. Only way to get out is to exit the app. Another time, it just ended the call and everything works as normal.
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Re: Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby 46jimbo » 04/22/2012

Unfortunately, the screen is still zoomed in 10X on my Samsung Galaxy i5800, making the phone unusable. I can only see a portion of a portion of the first row of numbers on the dialpad.

I may just stick with CSipSimple and my freephoneline number. At least that app fits my screen!
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Re: Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby zombie999 » 05/10/2012

FONGO_Announcements wrote:[*]Push Notifications - We’ve also added Push Notifications for Android, so customers can now exit the app and still receive calls to their Dell Voice account.

How do I disable this? When I exit the application, I want to exit it for good.
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Re: Notable Changes in 1.3 ...

Postby xyz#1 » 06/03/2012

I am running ics 4.0.4 (xda milestone1) on lg optimus one p500. Dell voice works fine. But as soon as I upgrade to later versions like (Milestone2 and Stable1 -- ... ?t=1670577 , ... ?t=1614420) I can not run Dell voice any more. Whenever I dial a phone number the app crash. If I receive a call the app hangs and there is no sound in head piece and very distorted sound on the other end i.e the caller set. Can you please look into it?
I can not use Dell Voice anymore because of this...
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