Dell Voice for Blackberry and Fongo Home Phone!

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Dell Voice for Blackberry and Fongo Home Phone!

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Hi Everyone,

You have asked, and we are proud to deliver. Dell Voice is here for BlackBerry!!! The app is currently available with the following features and can be downloaded at
  • Free phone number (or you can keep your current phone number)
  • Free calling across Canada
  • Free calls to and from other Fongo customers any time, anywhere in the world
  • Free voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding
  • International calling rates as low as 2 cents per minute
  • High quality audio
  • Support for 911 emergency calls
  • Background incoming call notification
  • Syncing with your existing contact list
We are ALSO proud to announce Fongo Home Phone! You can purchase Fongo Home Phone for the low ONE TIME payment of $59.00 plus a $4.95 monthly essential services fee. No technician is required for set up. All you need is a high speed internet connection and we’ll send you the rest. After a simple setup, you’ll be ready to start calling for free across most of Canada using most standard home phones. You can even keep your current phone number. To all current users of Freephoneline and Dell Voice, please note this will not affect the service you are currently receiving. This is a new service we are pleased to be able to offer!

Here are the links for your BlackBerry and the Fongo Home Phone:

Fongo Home Phone: