Fongo Launches the "Free Your Friends!"

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Fongo Launches the "Free Your Friends!"

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Fongo Launches the "Free Your Friends!" (from expensive mobile phone bills) Contest
Students say "no" to expensive minutes and restrictive plans
Please feel free to spread the word about the contest. For full details visit:

It's expensive to be a student these days. With the rising costs of tuition, books, rent, groceries it's amazing so many students are able to make it through the school year. Mobile phone service costs are also escalating and with over 73 percent of students using a cell phone as their primary means of communication, these costs can quickly get out of control. According to, 66 percent of students pay their own cell phone bills and the average monthly cell phone bill is $51.

Today, Fongo is launching the "Free Your Friends" (from expensive mobile phone bills) Contest to help spread the word about Dell Voice, the first truly free mobile calling service in Canada.

To enter the contest, participants save themselves from mobile costs by downloading Dell Voice on their iPhone or iPod touch, Android, or BlackBerry. They then rescue their friends (and receive additional contest entries) by sharing Dell Voice with them. There are weekly draws for $100 and, on October 15th, the participant who has freed the most friends will be declared the Ultimate Fongo Hero and win $1000 cash!

Dell Voice provides students with a way to stay in touch with friends and family without spending a cent -- back home, away at school, on vacation -- anywhere. Students get a free mobile number, free calling to most of Canada, and free premium features such as voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.
Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if you’d like to learn more about Dell Voice or the Free Your Friends contest.

This contest is open to all Fongo users!!!

Here is the link to track the leaders:
When your friends sign up, make sure they put in your Fongo number so it can be properly tracked!
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