Something looks different around here!

Important and exciting updates from Fongo!
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Something looks different around here!

Post by FONGO_steve »

We've done a few updates to the layout of the forum to make it easier for customers to find the appropriate location for their posts. Some of the updates include:

- Expanded product sections. Now with sections for Dell Voice, Fongo Home Phone, freephoneline and Bud Phone + Other brands.

- Addition of a French language support forum for each brand

- Consolidation of the four sections that used to be in General Discussion into two sections

- Relocation of the Device Configuration Sharing section into the freephoneline category

Thanks again to all the members who make the Fongo forum the great community it is!
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Re: Something looks different around here!

Post by TheHardy »

Overall a good thing, takes a bit of getting used to (but not too much). Suggest that a bilingual or francophone rep make an initial post in the francais forums to help identify who the primary contact would be (Hi Mike!).

From the old style, it may take a bit to get the crossposts hashed out, but that should be minor overall.

Good evolution to organize the forums a bit more, seeing it is now the official unofficial official support site! ;-)
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