specific application. will this work for me?

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specific application. will this work for me?

Postby bluffwood » 06/06/2017

Hi, and thanks for your help.

Specific application:
want to get voicemail recordings (2 extensions, if possible) emailed or otherwise accessible for me, to convert to MP3 and use on my radio shows. I have two shows, and these would be delayed action request lines where I would take the mp3 of the caller and drop it into my next show being produced.

My shows are syndicated and heard on Canadian and US stations.

So ideally, I'd like a Canadian number, be able to set up greetings for a few extensions, and get the msgs in a gmail account.

The ability to receive texts at the Canadian number and reply via the app, would be a nice bonus.

I don't really see ever needing to answer a live call.
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