Why do you need cellphone to signup?

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Why do you need cellphone to signup?

Postby JeremyWebber » 09/23/2017

I'm wondering how my current cellphone number is used when I signup for FongoWorks?

From reading the support forum, I understand that until the Receptionist is setup the cell phone number is used (for some reason, maybe forwarding) but after the Receptionist is setup does my cellphone number play some kind of active role? For example, if I forget to check my cellphone message logs might I miss an incoming Fongo works call? Is there information about this somewhere?

Also, if my cellphone number changes down the road (for example, if I move to a new city or country and cancel the cellphone) how does that affect my FongoWorks number?
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Re: Why do you need cellphone to signup?

Postby bridonca » 09/23/2017

I doubt it. I use my Fongo account on many devices, some with or without SIM cards. I found a cell number handy when I was subscribed to Fongo's texting service, where you could forward fongo messages to you cell phone number, thus not having to have data or internet on just to receive Fongo account texts. I do not believe you need a cell phone account to sign up with Fongo.
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