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FongoWorks Login

Postby wwwKris » 02/16/2020

Logins seems to be disabled on The page says: "we are upgrading our systems from February 11 @ 10:00am EST to February 12 @ 10:00am EST. No changes are possible to your Fongo Works system at this time."

It's Feb 16th now. When is the ability to log in expected to return?
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Re: FongoWorks Login

Postby Jake » 02/16/2020

Things obviously didn't go as planned for them, so I would suggest that it will just be ASAP. Any date they can give you will more than likely just be a guess at this point.

The only thing I can suggest to do is to keep trying the login page, or keep an eye on this page

But really that doesn't help you much, sorry.
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