Problems with Receptionist Message

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Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by soupey »

I'm trying to change my Receptionist Greeting. For some reason, even after I click save. The new greeting never saves. It seems that I am unable to change the receptionist greeting at all. This has been ongoing for the last 2 weeks or so. Now that my business is opening up again post-COVID 19...its becoming more urgent to get a new receptionist greeting made.

Is there an issue with Fongo causing this?
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Re: Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by Tailor3D »

I just set up a new Fongo Works account, and I'm getting no receptionist message at all. Same issue as you, no matter what I do, I can't change the message. If I press "Play" to preview the message in my dashboard, there's no sound at all. This makes my new number completely useless as anyone calling in just hears silence and no idea they have connected.
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Re: Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by SoVeryVibrant »

I'm having a world of issues with my account. No calls getting through, no receptionist greeting, not able to record any kind of greeting or voicemail.

No messages are being recorded, as the reception doesn't give callers an option to route their calls.
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Re: Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by Liptonbrisk »

Given that support staff is not obliged to read these forums, people experiencing issues may want to submit a ticket at
Please do not send me emails; I do not work for nor represent Freephoneline or Fongo. Post questions on the forums so that others may learn from responses or assist you. Thank you. If you have an issue with your account or have a billing issue, submit a ticket here: Visit to check FPL/Fongo service status. Freephoneline setup guides can be found at
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Re: Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by databoy2k »

Yes, this is a problem. I'm one of the lucky ones, I guess - mine is set up, but I cannot change the words that it says. I also cannot record the message myself. Clicking "record" doesn't actually call my phone to let me record it. Overall, this whole situation is making me distrust using Fongo Works for my business phone system. Bad time for Google Voice to launch in Canada.

Here was the update I received on April 28, 2020:
Fongo Works Greetings NOTICE

Hi, we're are currently experiencing an issue with the system that generates the greetings. This may cause your system to give you the error "No input so far". The Issue should be resolved by the end of the week. At that time you will be able to generate your greetings and upload them into the system.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Fongo Support
Unsurprisingly, May 1 (& 2 & 3, depending on what you think of as "end of the week") came and went. No fix. I requested an update on Monday and was summarily ignored. We're nearly at the end of the subsequent week, and it's still not working for me, and my support ticket is dormant.

I also don't see any indication of an outage on their systems page, although their support is apparently "out".

New user. Frustrated right now. Giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, but what has everyone else gotten on this issue? Maybe daylight is the best disinfectant.
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Re: Problems with Receptionist Message

Post by heather »

as far as I can tell this has not been resolved and it is November!?
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