No one responding to email or answering the phone @ Fongo

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No one responding to email or answering the phone @ Fongo

Postby matthewjtrotter » 07/07/2020

I am trying to sign up for Pro but I am starting to think this may be a bad idea.

I have left numerous voicemails, emails, chat help, support tickets - everything possible to get someone to sell me a pro account as I need some SIP devices, and no one is responding. It's been weeks.

Does anyone know whats up? I would much prefer to support Fongo than one of the other Hosted PBX providers, but I am starting to question my efforts.

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Re: No one responding to email or answering the phone @ Fong

Postby Liptonbrisk » 07/07/2020

I know they're taking longer to respond to tickets due to COVID-19, and they don't have support hours on weekends. It seems that you've tried every possible avenue to reach them. Perhaps you could also try twitter: Other than "degraded performance" listed at for "support system", I don't have anything useful to add, sorry.
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Re: No one responding to email or answering the phone @ Fong

Postby bridonca » 07/10/2020

I am having the same problem. I want to do is a number swap from Fongo services. Not getting anything. They were able to do a number port in though. Anything that involves getting paid gets dealt with I suppose.
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