Credit Card on FreePhone Line

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Credit Card on FreePhone Line

Post by Ramjet555 »

I just tried to add money and the FPL system is dysfunctional.
If you make an error it "locks you out"
If you sign out and sign back in you are still locked out.

If you then try to add money to another FPL account ,
it recgnizes either the credit card and or you IP address
and tells you you have exceeded the number of attempts.

It does not tell you how long you have to wait.
This arbitary 3 strikes and you are out drives you nuts.
This is a dysfunctional system that does not work.

I recall having similar problems previously.
It got to the point that I had to use another way of international calls
VoipBuster but their system just went mad and is blocking TouchTones
so their long distance voip is now next to useless.

What I find offensive is FPL , lack of use charges, $1 for every 30 days of non use
sucks, and I avoided using FPL for years because of it.
I'd have to make that call every 30 days to keep it and
then they stop sending warnings so that you expire your credit.

FPL really know how to make theselves unpopular.
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