2 thumbs up (and porting)

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2 thumbs up (and porting)

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1st I want to say I'm a proud and happy FPL customer and have been for 5 years now.

Today I contacted support (through emails) and in 5 minutes my "problem" (follow me was stuck) was fixed. 2 thumbs up here!

While I was at it I wondered if I could change my Fongo number to one I previously had but due to account inactivity account had been deleted. Again the problem was fixed in 5 minutes... I got a number changed to the previous one but for the last digit (which I didn't mind). And free of charge. Again 2 thumbs up!

Now a question. Because of the ever changing rules by the CRTC and as I've seen it with two other voip providers I'm wondering if FPL can port any canadian numbers? I understand that FPL's network is in constant evolution and that allowing such a great service at no cost (or very low cost depending on service) may render some possibilities to come at a lower pace. I'm asking because I know many, many people would now be ready to switch but not being able to have a local number or port their actual number is what keeps them from switching; and as written other voip companies now allow porting of any rate center. One very good hint to know what could be ported are of Hawkesbury Ontario and St-Leonard New-Brunswick. Are they?
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