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FPL doesn't remember user choice for Host IP

PostPosted: 09/26/2016
by mikesil93
When a Virtual Machine like VirtualBox or VMWare, or VPN app is installed on one's PC, it creates its own virtual network adapters with local IPs. All other network apps installed on the host properly recognize what physical adapter provides real access to internet, and use that adapter. But FreePhoneLine pops up a choice box with Available Hosts dropdown each time the app is started, asking to select the host IP.

It looks like a bug to me rather than feature, since there should be such option in FPL Settings - Other, offering to set a proper host IP, or a Tick "select box" control to remember the user choice in the Dropdown Popup. My question is, can such IP be added manually in some FPL Settings file, so the popup won't show up each time FPL is launched? I assume the selected host IP is written to some file anyway, but not saved now. If not possible, can such Tick Control (remember host IP choice) be added to FPL app?