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Unauthorized Portout

PostPosted: 11/19/2019
by cleacy1972
With the recent surge in this, I have some questions about my number that's held with freephoneline

Freephoneline does not provide support. In event of an unauthorized portout of my phone number, is there a process in place or anyone contactable to initiate retrieval? Will Fongo provide any assistance with that? What is the expected timeframe?

Is there any way to place a portout block on my phoneline to reject any and all port requests until I explicitly remove the block?

Re: Unauthorized Portout

PostPosted: 11/21/2019
by Jake
You will have to ask them directly on all this. FPL does provide support, just not free support on getting your device working.

This problem has not been reported, to my knowledge, on this forum. Either people are not reporting it, or maybe it's not really effecting FPL accounts like others?