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"Problem Solving" with incoming/outgoing calls?

PostPosted: 02/05/2013
by Funkytown
I would just like to point out to the Voip Fongo Community that majority of Voip ATA device issues are normally related to ports being blocked.

If you have ever experienced that your incoming calls are going straight to your Fongo's Voice-Mail or you can't dial out as there's no dial tone or a fast busy tone, don't worry your probably like half or the majority of us who have also experienced this issue one time or another.

Here is a TIP (which has been already explained in several other threads)... you must check the setting up ports with ... rindex.htm and checking the guides relating to your DSL/Modem/Router.

First always check with your Voip ATA device on what ports it's using within Line 1 & Line 2 depending the one that is currently active and configured to register to Fongo. You will always find the ports that are being used by simply logging into your ATA SIP device configuration panel. Just copy and paste all the ports that being used into notepad or wordpad.

Go into the modem/router and for example let's say ports 5060 UDP and RTP port are 16000 is being used by default in the ATA sip device, you would have to forward these same ports in your modem/router by consulting with ... rindex.htm and verifying with the guides relating to your exact DSL/Modem/Router.

After the above is configured properly as I have just explained, can you let us know your outcome.

Good Luck

Re: "Problem Solving" with incoming/outgoing calls?

PostPosted: 02/13/2013
by epsilon3
You are 100% right. Just be sure (as per an email from freephoneline support) to open the 5060-6061 (UDP) and the 10000-20000 (UDP)... check the portforward links Funkytown posted above!