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"Problem Solving" Voice Mail Forwarding

PostPosted: 03/22/2013
by Funkytown
Credit goes to:
dphythian : viewtopic.php?p=46910#p46910

You want to set up voicemail and send the voicemail to one or multiple emails accounts?
Yes it all can be done... you must be logged into your Phone Account on the site to do the following changes.

How do I set up to forward my voicemail to multiple email accounts?

Forward missed calls to one email
Example: 1 email
Code: Select all

The family can all check missed calls by emails
Example: 2 emails
Code: Select all,

Example: 3 emails
Code: Select all,,

For additional emails
Just place a coma
Code: Select all
between each email with out any spaces

Re: "Problem Solving" Voice Mail Forwarding

PostPosted: 10/25/2017
by michel2017
Ok thanks i thinked it was ; beetween the email.
Now it working with (, )