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1. A note to the Fongo Executive Team and Staff:
Let me start by saying, I absolutely love Fongo. I have voluntarily been a brand ambassador since the launch. I have followed every update and truly wish for Fongo to continue changing the face of telecom in Canada. In an industry that treats Canadians like fools, Fongo is one of the only companies to offer a usable alternative option to the current oligopoly being run by a bunch of crooks. I passionately protest the major 4 telecom companies because prices continue to rise, features and perks are consistently removed and the overall value of plans / mobile phones continue to worsen each year. -- We are the only modern developed country that treats our people like they aren't able to read or research what it is we are paying for. It's no secret to anyone that we are grotesquely overcharged, and something needs to change. That said, I just want to say THANK YOU to the founders and the entire team at FONGO. What you do every day truly matters more than you may realize.

2. Feedback and Feature Requests:
FongoWorks has only made me even more excited. However... there are a few limitations/features to both fongomobile and fongoworks that I have decided to bring forward in hopes of seeing a change or update. With these few changes/modification to the current offering, Fongo would be an even bigger disruptor!!
- Listed in order of highest priority and importance.

A) Canada/US unlimited calling is almost standard now among all American carriers. For Canadian carriers, it is either included in some of the plans or it's approximately a 5$ add-on. If Fongo could include free unlimited calling and call-forwarding to American numbers just as it does Canadian ones, that would be epic! (Fongo Mobile and FongoWorks)

B) Option to choose US/International numbers. (FongoWorks) - (Call forwarding for all chosen/registered numbers can be forwarded to Canadian or US numbers at no charge)

C) If someone were to use Fongo as their main telecom solution while traveling or while local, they face a limitation by not being able to stay within the Fongo ecosystem since they are not able to forward to their Fongo Number to any other Fongo numbers. This is a major limitation as you can not choose to use Fongo exclusively. --- For exmaple: If I need to go off grid for two weeks and need to forward my number to my brother's line, I can't do that. I encounter a usage limitation all because I've successfully got him to ditch Bell and primarily Fongo As a result, I've actually somewhat hurt our situation because my fongo line can not be forwarded to his Fongo. (Fongo Mobile and FongoWorks)

D) $0.02/min for incoming Toll Free minutes is fair but still more that some competitors in this space. A suggestion for what would be a very attractive offer would be the ability to purchase an addon feature that includes 5000 minutes for $5.00. -- Pay-as-you go or monthly auto-renewal. (FongoWorks)

E) Activate MMS messaging (FongoMobile)
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