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Improved Call Handling

PostPosted: 06/02/2017
by neirbos
Loving the FongoWorks so far for our little 3 person offlceless operation.

But a couple of gotchya's:

By default the call handling is "blank" which seems to be: 1) FW App, 2) Forward, 3) FW VM

1) Once another option is chosen (VM, Fwd, Fwd then VM), the first option is no longer available.
I like the default FW App and would like to go back to it. For example, someone is on vacation, change to VM, then back to app upon return.

2) Would also like to see FWapp then VM. skip the Forward step (the caller is parked to long).

3) Also like the fongo app, allow users to change their call handling from the FW app.