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Receptionist Improvements

PostPosted: 06/08/2017
by Seth
Just starting using fongo, and overall I am really excited. My only qualm with the service is as a sole proprietor, the receptionist creates and odd in-between step. I do like that it answers the call with the name of my service, but it would be nice if the call automatically directed to my phone rather than having the user enter 1 or 0. This would totally make sense if I had multiple users answering, but at the moment it is just me.


Re: Receptionist Improvements

PostPosted: 06/09/2017
by Jake
I think one of the main points to Fongo Works is the receptionist part. If you don't need that part of the service, wouldn't you just be better off using a normal Fongo account rather than Fongo Works?

When a call comes in it will go straight to your phone, and you can set it up to ring other numbers at the same time so one call could ring multiple phones.