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Please readjust price to reflect current competitive market

PostPosted: 11/02/2020
by jmc
Consider adjusting your current price to reflect the competitive market landscape, where MVNO and other providers are now offering plans better than this. I suggest an industry first per GB price at $3/month as of 2020, this will not only beat all their cellular and tablet plans but offer flexibility of customization.
Long story short, while your original price point 5GB@$35/month was considered great at time of launch, it is no longer the case today; all the plan prices needs to be cut in half to be a competitive leader. i.e. 5GB@$17.5/month

Re: Please readjust price to reflect current competitive mar

PostPosted: 11/02/2020
by bridonca
Painful to say, but Fongo is the best priced MNVO in Canada. And that is the problem. Wholesale rates to MNVO's in Canada are much too high. MNVO's have to compete against 2nd and 3rd tier flankers, which are owned by the big 3 phone companies, and are able to offer favourable wholesale rates, compared to MNVO's.