Can I get sms to my actual phone with Fongo Wireless Sim?

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Can I get sms to my actual phone with Fongo Wireless Sim?

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Trying to figure out how does Fongo wireless work? Can I get sms to my actual phone with fongo Wireless SIM card? Basically I’m using duplicated SIM card in the different country. I get a message to my phone plus online copy. I can actually use the SIM card same way I use my Fido for outgoing and incoming calls, sms and internet data without special program. Even I have an sim card it’s also sip number to use with mobile applications. Even if there’s no prepaid packs it stays active. It’s good when I’m out of that country and I need to use government account and banks. If I get a SIM card with fongo do I get the same? I don’t get what is to Fongo Wireless is.
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Re: Can I get sms to my actual phone with Fongo Wireless Si

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Fongo Wireless is basically just a data plan. You don't get any numbers with it directly, just the use of data over the Rogers wireless network.

To make calls and send text messages, you can use the Fongo Mobile app. You can do this without having Fongo Wireless however.
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