SIM Activation - 4 digit number on SIM Card

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SIM Activation - 4 digit number on SIM Card

Postby jamescitrome » 05/19/2020

I received my data SIM card today and I am having an issue. I inserted my SIM card in my phone before realizing I would need the 4 digit number as a part of the "3 step activation "process indicated in the little card that comes with the SIM card in the mail. Consequently, while activating the SIM card on my cell phone and I arrived at the step to enter the 4 digit number on the back of the SIM(after already entering the 4 digit code written in the card), I had to remove the battery to get to the SIM card. I then started the activation process again but this time my account indicates the SIM is activated and I am not receiving the step to enter the 4 digit SIM number. I cannot find anywhere in my account where I can associate the my data plan to the SIM card, so no data access on my phone. Any suggestions or can this only be addressed by FONGO technical support. I have no cell service now because I had already ported my number to FONGO last week and then it took another 7 days to receive the SIM card. Personally, I think they should have stated more explicitly that the number on the back of the SIM was required and if you stop the activation process before entering it you are screwed. Thanks.
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