How fongo works on Rogers ?

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How fongo works on Rogers ?

Post by Homer1959 »

Stupid question however let me ask it.

I am on Fongo wireless and I would like to understand how its working on Rogers. When I call , is it working like a real cellular and the data deducted is there to pay for Rogers cell services, or is it working no different than VOIP on wifi ?? thanks
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Re: How fongo works on Rogers ?

Post by Liptonbrisk »

You’re getting cellular data only from Rogers.

Fongo Mobile is a VoIP or SIP service.

VoIP services require internet access. Cellular data connection provides that access when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

When you use a smartphone that's not connected to Wi-Fi to surf online you're using cellular data.

So Fongo Mobile is a VoIP service using cellular data (Fongo Wireless).
That's similar to running Fongo Mobile on a Rogers Wireless (Mobility) cellular network with a data only plan.
The biggest difference is you have a Fongo Wireless sim card instead of a Rogers sim card.

Fongo Wireless has nothing to do with Wi-Fi.
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