Connectivity Issues

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Connectivity Issues

Postby Phone-101 » 05/25/2023


I keep getting connectivity issues with the Freephone Line server.

I will get a stable connection for a few hours and then it gets disconnected for no reason.

I have another VoIP provider that stays connected during the same period, so I presume it's not my connectivity (router/ISP) that is the problem? :?:

I use an OBi 100 configured according to the guides and the specs given on my portal.

Can anyone suggest anything ?

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Re: Connectivity Issues

Postby Liptonbrisk » 05/25/2023

Phone-101 wrote:I have another VoIP provider that stays connected during the same period, so I presume it's not my connectivity (router/ISP) that is the problem?

No. Different VoIP providers do not necessarily use UDP transport with the same failed registration and NAT Keep Alive intervals, so whether another provider works for you doesn't have any bearing on whether a potential UDP timeout (or corrupted NAT association) issue can develop in your router when using Freephoneline.

A. Click viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20534, and follow the steps, step, by step, down the list. You can skip steps 5, 7, 8, 10a, and 11.

Especially do step 12a, 12c, and 12d. Check Registration status at the point. If step 12 works, the problem a router issue and likely related to step 25 from the link.

B. You can be temporarily IP banned by the ProxyServer for using less than a 3600 RegistrationPeriod (and/or possibly not using 120 seconds for RegisterRetryInterval). Also ensure you're using 20 seconds for
X_KeepAliveExpires. Refer to steps 14D 14G,15i, and 15ii.

Click viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20534 to see where you should be entering 3600, 120, and 20 seconds.

Also test whether you can even reach or ping (end of step 23 from that link).
If you can't, then try instead.

If switching ProxyServer works, chances are you were temporarily IP banned.


So first, change X_UserAgentPort as shown in step 12. Save settings. Reboot ATA. If it suddenly registers, it's a router issue.

Ensure RegistrationPeriod, RegisterRetryInterval, and X_KeepAliveExpires are all set to proper values.

If you still have problems with not being able to get a response from ProxyServer, ping it. If you don't get a response, you're not going to be able to register.
If switching ProxyServer works at that point, you were temporarily IP banned.
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