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Unable to call US number - rejected by service provider 487

PostPosted: 02/01/2021
by Puissance

I'm having a hard time finding a resolution to my problem online... We are trying to dial a US (international) number, but the message we receive is that the call is rejected by the service provider, reason 487. Canada-wide calling is working for both incoming and outgoing calls. I also have $5 of world credits still sitting in my account.

In the call logs, the disconnect reason is "Normal call clearing" with a 0 second duration. I'm using the Obi200 adapter and using because we're using Rogers cable for internet with the Hitron modem.

If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your thoughts.


Re: Unable to call US number - rejected by service provider

PostPosted: 02/01/2021
by Liptonbrisk
1) Are you positive the number you are attempting to reach is an active, working number?

For example, do you hear "Your call can't be completed as dialed" or "All circuits are busy" when dialing from a regular landline or cellphone?

2) Dial ***1
a)enter the IP address you're told into your web browser. Login to your ATA.
b)Navigate to Status-->Call History
c) Locate the call
d) Did the ATA attempt to call the number you dialed? Was the full phone number sent correctly?

Given that you've probably already seen the number listed in FPL's call logs, I'm guessing the full number was sent, but I just want to make sure.

3) Double check your Digitmap: download/file.php?id=2162
Refer to page 19

If you haven't already used that guide to check your ATA's settings fully, do so now.