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403 username mismatch

PostPosted: 04/11/2021
by cwhaines
Changing to voip2 briefly resolved my calls going to voicemail issue, now I am getting Register Failed: 403 Username mismatch. Any suggestions

Re: username mismatch

PostPosted: 04/11/2021
by Liptonbrisk
The incoming call issue with was resolved after 4 p.m. EST on April 11th and did not require changing servers after that time.

SIP error 403 means forbidden: the server understood the request but is refusing it. Wrong Authusername or AuthPassword are common causes.
Another potential cause might include the ATA attempting to repeatedly register within a short interval resulting in a temporary IP ban.

Refer to page 25 and 28 of this guide: download/file.php?id=2142. If you haven't used that guide already to configure your ATA properly, I suggest reading through it.

Under SIP Credentials, your AuthUserName is your Freephoneline SIP Username, which is found after logging into your account at Enter your SIP Username.

Your AuthPassword is your Freephoneline SIP Password, which is found found after logging into your account at Enter your SIP Password.

Double check for typos (especially empty spaces), and check if you have a password manager (or form filler) autofilling information that shouldn't be filled in those fields.
Don't copy and paste the username and password. Type them in manually to avoid pasting incorrect values or empty spaces, especially after the password ends.
Copying and pasting empty blank spaces is a common problem.

Also, refer to ... 894#p76894

If the issue is a temporary IP ban, unplugging your ATA for a couple hours can help clear it. However, if your ATA is not configured properly for Freephoneline (incorrect timers), the problem will reoccur.
Note that only one registration per FPL account is allowed at any time. When there are multiple devices/softphones using the same account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration and incoming calls will not work on it. Multiple registration attempts (which is triggered after rebooting the ATA), exacerbated by using multiple devices, within a short period can lead to a temporary IP ban.