Unable to block out going caller id

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Unable to block out going caller id

Postby oliu2020 » 06/02/2021

I have a Grandstream HT702 adapter on Freephoneline.ca
I am unable to block caller id when I make outgoing calls.
*67 does nothing, the calls go through as normal and my caller id is displayed.
I added it to the dial string and all i get is a fast busy signal.
{ *67x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+ }
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Re: Unable to block out going caller id

Postby Liptonbrisk » 06/03/2021

You originally posted in the forum for Fongo Home Phone, which you are not using. I moved your thread.

Freephoneline does not officially support *67 by default at the moment, while Fongo Home does. So using a dialplan for *67 is pointless for Freephoneline.

You shouldn't need a dialplan for *67 if "Enable Call Features" is enabled in the ATA under the "Profile" tab.
"CID Per call" feature also has to be enabled.
Click http://forum.fongo.com/download/file.ph ... ew&id=2095 (I'm not sure if this screenshot applies to your model ATA).
You would just dial *67 along with the phone number.
Refer to #2 below.

I don't have a Grandstream ATA to test, but in theory, you would remove anything that could possibly match *67 (*xx for example) from your dial plan so that the ATA processes the star code instead of sending the star code to the provider (Freephoneline). *67 still won't work properly when calling Fongo Mobile numbers, even if the star code is processed by the ATA. The receiving provider has to comply with the anonymous flag that's sent in the SIP header. Some providers recognize the anonymous flag and comply. Others don't. Refer to #2 below.

It's better to have *67 supported at the provider level (the provider blocks outgoing Caller ID information completely), which Freephoneline doesn't do. Refer to #1 below.

There's two possible ways *67 (block outgoing Caller ID) works:

1)You can send *67 through the service provider, who then either accepts the code or doesn't do anything. Freephoneline, by default, doesn't do anything. At least that was the case before server migration: http://forum.fongo.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=19702 (I'm just posting that link to show there was a server migration). There have been a few exceptions made for certain individuals, but it's rare.

Unless an FPL account supports *67, using a dial plan for it is pointless.

2) You can have *67 processed by your ATA, which sends an anonymous call flag in the SIP header along the path to the receiving carrier that, in turn, has to recognize and agree to not show Caller ID (CID). Blocking outbound calls to Telus Mobility numbers, for example, works when *67 is processed by an Obihai ATA. That is, no caller ID is displayed. When *67 (with Disable CID per call setting is enabled) is parsed by an ATA or IP Phone, my Freephoneline number constantly appears when calling Fongo Mobile numbers. But my outgoing Freephoneline number is blocked when calling regular Telus mobile numbers, for example. Telus Mobility acknowledges the anonymous flag and complies. Fongo Mobile doesn't.

For Cisco ATAs, for some reason, after FPL's server migration earlier in 2020, users have reported 15 minute call drops and also fast busy when block Block CID Setting is enabled. So using *67 can cause problems with some ATAs and Freephoneline.
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